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GRSMSRC Board Meeting 10/29/17

Posted 2017-11-02 at 23:50

Mike called the meeting to order at approximately 10:01am

Treasurer's report was given by Lisa. Annie was unable to attend. Current balance is $5,304.94. October 31st she will balance the account and start records for the new season. Kyle motioned to accept the report, Dick 2nd and the motion was accepted.

Lisa next read the secretaries report. Mike made a motion to accept the secretary's report, Kyle 2nd and the motion was accepted.

No old business to address at this time...

New business:
Mike received and email from a gentleman in CT asking if it would be possible to allow his 11 ½ (turns 12 in Nov.'18) year old son run with the 500 class in the back. He has 6 years of go-kart experience and has taken a few championships. After a lengthy discussion Dean made a motion to have Mike email the gentleman back and offer his son the chance to run with us on practice day and see how it goes. Leave the decision at the discretion of the board. If he does not show for the offered practice day then he will not be permitted to run with the club until he is of age. Dick 2nd and the motion was accepted.

The board next went over a few items in the rule book. Dean would like to see the membership dates clarified. Currently the membership dates are from January 1st to December 31st of the given year. A line needs to be added that if a current member one does NOT need to pay dues at the general meeting to cast their vote. There was some confusion about this at the general meeting.

Line ups for the 600 classes. Kyle made a motion to change the 600 stock class to the 600 lites, and the 600 modified just 600's. And that both classes will line up by one points structure. Adam 2nd and the motion was accepted. Drew suggested to place identifying stickers on the lite cars by adding an L to their number. This allows the scorer and the spectators to identify the 600's and the 600 lites.

Lisa next brought up the frame size requirement for mild steel cars. It is currently listed at 1 ¼ inch, however there are quite a few cars that will not pass a tech inspection per the rules at that size. Mike said it was changed a few years ago but he doesn't recall why and asked that we table it for further investigation as to why it was changed.

At 10:55am the board took a short break. The meeting resumed at 11:08am

On page 12 of the proposed rule book it states that sign ins will end 30 minutes before the first race. Lisa closed sign in at the start of the 500's hot laps. This gave ample time to build the lineup and deliver to the tower.

Kyle made a motion to change the lineup procedure for all classes/divisions to a pill draw for the first 3 races and on the fourth race go to points based lineups. Drew 2nd and the motion was accepted.

Dean suggested that the self-starting requirement to be highlighted in the rule book and posted to the web site and Facebook.

Conduct rules: 4 policies were presented and reviewed. Dean asked that this item be tabled for discussion at a general meeting for the memberships input before adopting anything.

Engine rules: Lisa would like to invite Robb, Aaron Roof, and Mark Thompson, and Rich Crocker to a meeting to help address gray areas in the engine rules. This item was also tabled for farther discussion.

Lisa asked to have a small petty cash till available to make change at the tracks. A few times she was running around looking for change to give members. Dean made a motion for Lisa to have a $50 petty cash till, Dick 2nd and the motion was accepted.

Lisa next addressed drivers using her personal Facebook account to ask questions, or notify her of running late for a race. She asked to create another page for this purpose. Dean felt it would be counterproductive and made a motion to give Lisa admin rights to post rain outs to the Facebook page as needed. Adam 2nd and the motion was accepted.

Dean next made a motion for the club to purchase 2 radios with headsets for use at the tracks. Mike 2nd the motion and the motion was accepted. Dean gave us contact information for the company he used for his radios.


Dick has been working on a sponsorship from Advanced Auto. They have offered $3,000 a year for 3 years. We would be asked to have banners present at the races, and attend some of their car shows at different store locations. Everyone was in agreement of moving on with the offer. Dick will contact the company and get everything tied up by the end of the current week.

The next board meeting will be held on November 19, time and location to be announced.

Dean made a motion to adjourn the meeting, Dick 2nd and the motion was accepted.

Few other items discussed but not voted on:

The board would like to ask Rene Badger and Sue Ring to head the banquet committee again for the 2018 season.

Mike would like to have Doug B. make trophies for the Len West memorial races.

Mike will start working with Dean and Butch for race scheduling with Troy and Deans assistance. Along with upcoming car shows.

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