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GSMSRC General meeting 10/14/17

Posted 2017-10-23 at 22:20

At approximately 11:10am Ed called the meeting to order. He asked first for the treasurer's report. We did not have one available and Annie was working. Troy was able to call and get some information from her. The silent Auction raised $1,115.00, and the account balance as of 10/11 was at $5,108.28. Peter motioned to accept the treasurer's report, Mike seconded and the motion was accepted. Secretaries report, there was no open business to discuss at that time.

The board next moved on to decide how many members at large for the 2018 season. Peter motioned to have 5 members at large for the 2018 season, Mike seconded and the motion was accepted.

Ballots were passed out to current members for voting, and there was about a 30 to 45 minute break to allow everyone to cast their votes. We did have two absentee votes, one from Annie B. and the other from Keisha B.

Lisa and Ed tallied the votes and the results were as follows:

☆President: Mike Pittman
☆Vice President: Dick Lamotte
☆Treasurer: Annie Boissoneau
☆Secretary: Lisa Pinkham
☆Head of Tech: Eric Relation

5 Members at large:
☆Adam Cunningham
☆Kyle Belliveau
☆Dean Hanson
☆Troy Boissoneau
☆Drew Eldridge

Assistant tech: Will Pinkham Sr.

At this time the meeting was turned over to the incoming board members.

Mike stated that there will be a rulebook meeting shortly, we will be revamping the rule book and making it more user friendly. The board will be reviewing the conduct and consequences section of the rule book and adding a social media clause to it. Troy stated that he has hear that some members stopped attending due to the drama.

Mike next opened up the discussion to the members, asking if they had any issues or concerns. Suggestions for things for the board to review and possibly make changes to.

Zach Herbert suggested that the 600cc stock cars start in points order, as the modified do, and not just in the front every week. He also suggested a 24hour cool down period, if problems arise at the track, before calling anyone. The suggestion was also made to lock the rulebook for a few years instead of changing every year.

Troy stated that more attention would be paid to on track conduct. Not everyone wants to race with crash and bash yahoos. Accidents happen but we want to see clean racing. Troy also said that there has in the past been confusion with the track officials due to multiple people talking to the flag man about what we would like him to do. The suggestion was made to have a liaison in the tower to help with track calls when they need to be explained. Lisa makes multiple trips to the tower each night and offered to stay in the tower for the GSMS races.

Quite a few members brought up that they cannot always hear the race-civer. There was one night that the radios were out at Legion and almost every time at Bear Ridge it is as if they let off the speaker before they have finished speaking. Dean recommended that the club have 2 radios with headsets and place someone in the infield to assist the race director to move cars into position as needed. William Sr. offered to assist, he is typically in the infield each race.

Dean brought up push starts at this point. Many drivers are coming to the track with no way to start their cars. This takes a good amount of time to get all of the cars out onto the track and slows the show down. Sadly it also takes away from the pre-grid efforts, as cars get pushed on to the track out of order and some may get left behind. It is clearly stated in the rule book that you must be self-starting. It may be a kick starter, a jump pack, a 4 wheeler, or network and ask for assistance.

The board moved on to number of races for the 2018 season. Troy motioned to have 16 races for the season with 2 dropped races. Adam seconded and the motion was accepted.

Troy next motioned for 2 wingless races for the 2018 season, one at each track. Adam seconded the motion and the motion was accepted.

At 12:55pm Mike called for a short break. The meeting resumed at 1:15pm

Dean motioned to make the wingless races a doubleheader. Dick seconded and the motion was accepted.

Dean spoke about the conduct rules at his track and asked that all of the GSMSRC members observe them.

The next board meeting will be October 29th at 10am. We will be meeting at Tip top Tire located at 52 Lower Hyde Park, White River Junction, VT 05001

Mike concluded the meeting at 1:25pm

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