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Season end board meeting held 10/1/2017

Posted 2017-10-18 at 20:20

In attendance:
Ed Vickery, Annie Bossoneau, Mike Pittman, Dick Lamotte, Adam Cunningham, Kyle Belliveau, Peter Belliveau, Will Pinkham, Lisa Pinkham.

Ed started the meeting at approximately 10:10am.

Annie gave the treasurer's report: As of 9/3 the account had a balance of $7,344.83. There were some remaining deposits from the banquet to be made, a bill from Alan Ward, and Champion jackets that still needed to be taken care of. Mike made a motion to accept the report and Adam seconded it, report was accepted.

Lisa gave the secretaries report: Last meeting was in April and there was currently no open business to discuss.

Banquet schedule was discussed next. 5pm to 6pm would be happy hour with a Presidents toast. 6pm to 7:30pm for Dinner. 7:30pm to 8:30pm awards with Ed and Mike. 9:30pm would conclude the silent auction.

Questions were asked as far as how the silent auction would work. Would people buy tickets and drop them into a container in front of the item? Should it be kept anonymous? What time should the bidding stop? Ed or Annie would get in touch with Rene Badger to see how she was planning on working the silent auction.

A few people would need to be there around 2pm to setup tables for awards, silent auction, and a sign in table. The O'Reilly's banner would need to be set up along with the Granite State Mini Sprint banner for award pictures.

We took a short break... Lucy was on the loose. She was found safely, she just had to take care of some business.

Engine Rules were next in the discussion. Ed suggested that we give a copy of the rules to both Aaron Roof ad Robert Lenard to review and suggest any changes that may be needed. The rulebook needs a new format, and set up for ease of understanding for all members.

Mike brought up the issue of no points for Kyle Pittman in the 600cc class. They were told the engine was illegal. Mike checked the car and it is not illegal. Lisa pointed out that we have been off the track for almost 3 weeks now, and we do not know what has been done to the engine in that time. Ed stated that perception makes change difficult and we could not award him rookie points at this point.

This brought up the discussion of engine testing. Use a CC test, or a compression test to check engines at the start of the season and then periodically throughout the season. Complete testing each week randomly, put names in a hat and draw? This will be carried to next season's board to discuss and decide.

At 12:21pm Ed motioned to adjourn the meeting, Mike second and we all accepted.

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