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General Meeting Minutes 4/2

Posted 2017-04-12 at 21:19

Rick called the meeting to order at 10:23 am
Treasures report. Had some new memberships come in, and a few things go out. Ending balance of $5,026.31. Ed made a motion to accept, Dick second. Motion was accepted.
Lisa read the secretary's report abbreviated as it was a double meeting last time. Adam made a motion to accept, Mike second. Motion was accepted.

Banquet: Rene said she has called a few different places about renting a hall. VFW only available on Friday. She said the Elks club in Lebanon is $100 to rent, and $35 for a liquor license. There are several hotels in the area, one only about a mile away. There is also a taxi service in the area. If they cater as well meals are decently priced. Ed made a motion to have Rene book the hall for October 7th, dick second. The motion passed. Rene is still working on a DJ. Those she has spoken to are $400 or more. Dean is putting her in contact with the DJ he uses for his banquets. Stay tune for more details!
Rutland car show: The car show at the Diamond mall in Rutland VT is the weekend of 4/8-4/9. Cars need to be there Friday evening and cannot be removed until Sunday at 5pm. Auto insurance is required. Dean stated that there would be awards for such things as best in show. A $25 fee per car goes to The March of Dimes.
Date is being changed to April 22 pending weather and track conditions. Please check the website and Facebook for updates!
Ed made a motion to close old business, Adam second. Motion was accepted.
New business
Dean asked to have someone up in the tower with his scorer to help identify the car on the wingless night. Rick told him he would be more than happy to help. Ed stated that it may be easier where the tail tank number size has been changed.
Driver profiles. The 2017 season drivers list is live and ready for you to submit your profile to the webmaster! Get 'em done. If you have a profile from last year it is still there! You can change it and make updates by filling out the form and submitting it again.
Line up review: Rookies start in the back for 3 weeks, possibly longer if needed. The start is inverted. Highest in points starts at the rear of the pack. There will be no penalties for no shows. Heat 1 will be 20 through 11(for example only!) Heat 2 will be 10 through 1. The first race will be a draw. Drivers KNOW THE LINE UP. Possibly write on tape and attach to your car. Be sure to check your radios. They are a requirement. Keep extra batteries with you. If you do experience radio problems please make them known to a board member so we can let the track officials know.
Peter asked that if for some reason we cannot get a practice day in if we could have a day somewhere that drivers can meet up somewhere and have their cars teched. Stay tuned for more details.
Lisa presented a flier that Annie had made to put out at each of the tracks. It shows the drivers lists, and our schedule. Along with points updates, and who the last weeks winners were. Dean said that Lacey does a sheet for Legion that includes all the divisions. Lisa is waiting to hear from Lacey about adding Granite State for Legion. Bear Ridge we will put out 150 fliers per race. Lisa is working on updating the sheet.
Ed made a motion to adjourn the meeting, Adam second. Motion accepted and the meeting was adjourned at 11:30am

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