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January 22, 2017 Board Meeting

Posted 2017-01-24 at 08:51

Rick called the meeting to order at approximately 9:38am
Anne presented the treasures report. As of 1/20 the balance was $3,751.46.
Anne said that the memberships are coming in slow.
Ed motioned to accept the treasures report, Dick Lamontte 2nd. Report was accepted.

Lisa presented the secretary's report. Reading minutes from last meeting.
Mike Pittman made motion to accept, Ed 2nd. Report accepted.

Car shows were discussed.
Marlborough: February 3rd and 4th
Cost is roughly $395, Troy has car to take.
Ed made a motion to attend the show if under $300, Mike Pittman 2nd. Motion was accepted.
Racearama: March 10-12
Troy is waiting on a call back. Email has also been sent with no response.
A 10x20 space will hold 4/5 cars. Will need both 500 and 600 at show.
Rutland: April 8th and 9th
Set up Friday night after closing, car stays entire weekend, and may be removed Sunday around 5pm.
Cost is $25 per car and all proceeds go to The March of Dimes.
Need to save space 2 weeks in advance for club. Also like 1 car with each track (Legion, and Bear Ridge display). If interested please contact one of the board members.
Ed made a motion to have a post put on both the website and Facebook to contact a board member if interested in the car shows. Mike Pittman 2nd. Motion was approved.
Ed made a motion to close the car show discussion, Mike 2nd. Motion passed.

Discussion moved to points given for practice days. Those who show and make good faith effort to participate will receive 5 points. (Working on possible O'Reilly's shows days as well... more info to come)

Ed made motion to accept, Adam 2nd. Motion was accepted.
Schedules: Alan Ward is working on schedules. He is getting a rough draft to Rick along with pricing information for Rick's approval.
Ed made motion to have Alan have 1000 schedules printed (pending design approval) Anne 2nd. Motion was accepted.

Write ups and Press releases.
Alan stated that last year was a very difficult year for write ups. He didn't get needed information in a timely manner, and requests went unanswered most of the time. He has asked that this year he receive info Sunday no later than noon time. Suggested taking a picture of score sheet, and noting any driver changes. Alan also asked for Facebook admin rights to put write ups there as well. If drivers give their hometown paper emails he can send the write ups to them as well. Alan also stated that if he has extra time he can send driver highlights to their hometown paper. Doing so can help obtain and retain sponsorships for some racers.
Mike Pittman made a motion to pay Alan $65 per race (double headers would be at 1 ½ rate) along with giving him admin rights to Facebook. Adam 2nd. Motion was accepted.

At this point the board took a short break.
At 10:34am break ended.

Practice/ Tech day. Legion speedway will be held April 15th with a rain date of April 16th. Dean has given us use of track and kitchen for day. Ed is working on having his sponsor The Happy Butcher come and bring some of his crew to cook for us. The rate for track rental is either $500 or $25 per car. Mike Pittman made motion for the club to pay Legion Speedway $500 for practice day, Adam 2nd... Motion was accepted.

600 Rule ideas: see attached
Kyle is working on setting up a 600 drivers meeting to work on 600 rules. Meeting will take place second week of February, still working on scheduling with all 600 drivers. Ed made a motion to continue the 600 discussion with drivers February 12th (?) Adam 2nd. Motion was accepted.

Tech committee meeting: Tech committee will hold meeting on February 20th to discuss what they can tech, how to tech, drivers safety, and the new tech sheet. Fireworks for Len West memorial. Anne is checking to find out what was paid last year for fireworks, Rick is checking cost of fireworks with Noise R Us. Check back for updates!

Items to throw out at track. Troy stated that Frisbees are cheap and easy. Possibly have a few shirts to toss out for the Len West memorial? Rick is checking pricing for 100 shirts (size variety) with a local printer, Kyle is checking with Custom ink for pricing. Troy suggested hats as well, said they were popular a few years ago. Some items will also be placed for sale at the sign up tent and possibly in the track booths. Check back for updates! O'Reilly's sponsorship has come in. Rick is meeting with Ernie Griffith to pick up the sponsorship check and give Ernie his finder's fee. Alan Ward stated that at each track there was no O'Reilly's banner in victory lane. All winner photos will be done in victory lane and we need to be sure there is a banner there. Anne is going to check with someone she knows about making a 3x3 metal sign that can be placed at victory lane. Rick is working on getting contact information for the Orielly’s sponsorship along with requirements. Rick is also finding out about cozies, hats, and shirts to throw out at the tracks.

Anne questioned the handouts that she had sent to the last meeting. Ed stated that we would visit those at a later date. Peter suggested giving different awards this year at the banquet. Ed stated that would fall with the banquet committee. Peter also suggested may be taking the top 5 or whatever number at the end of the season and have them race for the championship. Similar to what is done in Nascar? Others threw out top (?) have a n extra *all-star* race with possible sponsorship cash payout for that race only? May be a non-winners race. Anyone who has not placed top 3 during the year races?

The next meeting will be a double meeting! February 19th at Tip Top Tire located at 52 Lower Hyde Park White River Junction, VT 05001. Board members at 9:30am Followed by General meeting at 11am. Please remember seating is limited BRING A CHAIR! In the event of bad weather the meeting will be postponed till February 26th. Check Facebook and the main website in the event of bad weather.

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