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General Meeting Minutes from 1/8/2017

Posted 2016-01-10 at 23:13

Rick Balla called the meeting to order at approx. 9:49am

Treasures report was posted by Rick (Anne was unable to attend meeting)
Current account balance is $3,692.32
There are two outstanding checks: # 1234 for $49.30 (coffee and donuts for 12/4/16 board meeting) and # 1235 $150 (website payment)
Ed motioned to accept the report, Mike Pittman second.. report was accepted

The 2017 race schedule was presented next.

Ed motioned to accept the schedule, Dick L. second.. Schedule was accepted

Rick next presented the secretary report (Lisa was also unable to attend) Reviewed minutes from last meeting along with website progress. The classified section has been cleaned up and items that have sold have been removed. The main website has also been bulleted for ease of reading, and to get rid of the cluttered look.

Lisa has also been in touch with Alan Ward about his press releases. They will still be posted on the website, but looking into sending them to driver's local papers as well. He has been invited to the next board meeting to discuss mutual expectations for the upcoming season.

Updates to the rulebook are coming along, waiting for a few items with the 400 before finishing and being ready for printing.

Mike Pittman motioned to accept, Adam Cunningham second.. Report accepted.

O'Reilly's sponsorship is a go again for this year. Rick has already completed and signed paperwork.

Membership date changes:
Currently the membership is from March to March.
Mike Pittman made a motion to change it to January to December, Dick L. second… accepted

A banquet committee was created. Members are: Rene Badger, Dick L., Kyle B., and Melissa. Ed made motion to accept banquet committee (was not noted who second).. Accepted

400 motor rules:
Stock 400ex motor. Must be stock bore, may do cam and carb. @ weight of 675 NO PORT WORK (intake or exhaust)
416 kit any cam and carb. @ weight of 725 NO PORT WORK (intake or exhaust)
Club is aware of issue with vacuum port for fuel pump, a solution is being worked on.
(No notes of who put up the motion, who second..)

A motion was made to have Kyle B. head up the 600 development project by Ed V, Adam second…. Accepted.

Next is the potluck days. It was decided they would be held on the Saturdays of the 2 double headers for the season. June 17th, and August 26th, we will be set up and ready to start at about noon time.

The board will revisit the question of points being awarded for participation at Granite State Mini Sprints sponsors shows. More information to come at the next board meeting (1/22/16) on the car shows… dates, times, location, and space available.

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