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Meeting Agenda for January 8th

Posted 2016-01-04 at 22:31

Everyone sign in
Call meeting to order
Treasurer's report
Secretary's report – basically the minutes from the last meeting

Old business
   - Where are we at with the schedule
   - Len west double and wingless double
   - Lisa and Dennis on the classified web
   - O'Reilly's sponsorship of the club
   - Car shows - Marlborough, Race-a-rama,Rutland

New business
   - Change the rule of membership from March to March to first general meeting to the following year that the board is elected
   - Banquet community 2-3 people to find out what the club wants = fancy sit down meal or more laid back
   - Rules on the new 400 motor
   - 400 stock bore can do cam and carb
   - 675lbs no port work intake or exhaust
   - 416 kit any cam and carb
   - 725lbs no port work
   - There is an issue with a vacuum port for a fuel pump, we are working on that
   - Would the club like to do a potluck bbq either at the double header Saturday show or on a day we are not racing
   - Should we give points out for shows at Granite State Sponsors – like oreillys part store as long as there is enough room for all racers no points for shows like racerama or Rutland where the club or racers have to pay to be in the show

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