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December 4th Meeting Minutes

Posted 2016-12-09 at 07:21

December 4, 2016

Call to Order

Rick Balla called to order the regular meeting of the Granite State Mini Sprints at 9:55am on December 4, 2016.

The following persons were present: Rick Balla, Ed Vickery, Lisa Pinkham, Annie Boissoneau, Dean Hanson, Mike Pitman, Peter Belliveau, Adam Cunningham, Kyle Belliveau, Dick Lamotte, Will Ordway, William Pinkham Sr., William Pinkham Jr., Terry Balla, and Troy Boissoneau.

Annie Boissoneau gave the treasures report. Balance as of 11/30/2016 $3972.36 Annie Stated that there is one outstanding check made payable to Alan Ward for Legion and Bear Ridge photos, along with the collages for the banquet. Dean stated he has a check to give to the club for the last Legion race for approximately $405. Annie also brought the paperwork needed to transfer the account to Rick.

Mike Pitman made a motion to accept Annie's report, Dean seconded the motion and it was accepted.

Lisa Pinkham gave the secretaries report. There are some membership applications that need to be finished. Inventory of the secretary's box was given.

Ed made a motion to accept the report, Adam seconded the motion and it was accepted.

Old Business:

Wingless Double Header.
This item is still pending scheduling. Troy will be getting in contact with Dean and Butch. The issue will then be discussed at the general meeting. Dean expressed some scoring problems that he has at his track when the car run wingless. The scorer has a difficult time seeing the numbers on the cars.

Ed made a motion to table this issue until the general meeting, Pete seconded the motion and it was accepted.

New Business

- Dean suggested that Troy be able to give his input at board meetings. Ed made the motion, Dick seconded the motion and all agreed.

- Board duties were discussed next. The board needs to be more active welcoming new racers and returning racers as well. All club member should know who their board members are. Where to go when they have a question or a concern. Dean stated that the club is a family. Dean had also stated that in the past if there was an infraction at his track he was not able to vote with the board. Ed made a motion to check into the rule of Dean not voting at meetings taking place at his track. Mike seconded the motion and it was accepted.

- Cleaning up the web page specifically the classified section. Lisa is going to get in touch with the webmaster and find out if classifieds can drop off after a specified amount of time. Also if we can create a past news tab to keep the weekly race recaps with the pictures, along with updating the current picture section. Ed made a motion to take this matter under advisement, Lisa will have the information at the next meeting. Adam seconded the motion and it was accepted.

- Open years of 250 motor. As of the 2017 season a Yamaha 250 up to 2012 may be used. Honda and Suzuki up to 2009. The motors MUST BE CARBURATED! NO EFI! Dean made the motion to open up the years, Ed seconded the motion and it was accepted.

- HONDA 400 was discussed. This is now a legal motor.
1999 to 2016 Honda 400 stock- weight to be determined.
1999 to 2016 Honda 400 with a 416 kit… cam and exhaust only NO PORT WORK – weight to be determined.

Ed made a motion to accept the 400 motor as specified above, Dick seconded the motion and the vote by the board was unanimous.

- Mike made a motion to give Josh authority to block or remove comments that are derogatory in nature made on the Granite State Facebook page. Ed seconded the motion and it was accepted.

- Next meeting will be a general meeting January 8, 2017 at 9:30am location to be determined. The next board meeting will be January 22, 2017 at 9:30am again at Rick Balla's shop/home. Ed made to motion, mike seconded it and the motion was accepted.

Ed made the motion to adjourn the meeting at 12:31pm, Pete seconded and it was accepted by all.


Rick Balla adjourned the meeting at 12:31pm.
Minutes submitted by: Lisa Pinkham
Minutes approved by: Rick Balla

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