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Scarborough Dominates in 600's, Siemons Best in 500's

Posted 2016-08-15 at 16:10

The Granite State Mini Sprints returned to Bear Ridge Speedway for the Fifth time this season Saturday evening, August 6th, but with a twist. This was "Topless" night, the only time in the season that the cars are run wingless. It was evident during Hot Laps that the handling characteristics are vastly different running without the wing. Some of the crews and drivers made the necessary changes to compensate for the lack of a wing before hitting the track but for others it was a work in progress as a lot of changes were seen after both hot laps and the heats.

Images courtesy of Alan Ward

The evening started out with a bang for the 500cc's as while challenging the #96 of Tom Chaffee for the lead in Heat 1 Brandon Emerson in the #88 got loose out of turn two spun and flipped. Not only was Brandon OK, but after everything was situated he was pushed off and finished the heat! Tom Chaffee took the win in Heat 1 followed by Brent Warren in the #7 and Shawn King in the #4. Heat 2 was uneventful compared to heat 1, at the finish it was the #5 of Tanner Siemons with the heat win followed by the #39 of Will Ordway and the #71 of Owen Carbee.

The Feature for the 500's saw the caution fly a few times for minor incidents with no serious accidents. The #5 of Tanner Siemons made good use of the inside lane to work his way to the top spot with just a few laps to go to take the win, the fourth of the Season for Tanner. Nadine Coates in the #72, who came from the rear after being involved in a mid race incident, crossed the line second. Coates was piloting the EX machine with an experimental engine in it so she doesn't receive any points. Tom Chaffee in the #96, Chris Carbee in the #1 and Owen Carbee in the #71 completed the top five.

The 600cc Heat saw John Scarborough in the #61 get to the front early and take an easy win. John Mills in the #83 was second with Sean Beinhaur third. The Feature for the 600's was more of the same as once points leader John Scarborough in the #61 got to the front he was not really challenged and John went on the take win number Five with the Granite State Mini Sprints for the season. As in the Heat, John Mills was second with Sean Beinhaur third. Drew Eldridge in the #78 was fourth and reigning 600cc Champion Tony Shaw completed the top five in his #20.

The next event on the calendar for the O'Reilly Auto Parts Granite State Mini Sprints is Friday, August 26th at The Legion Speedway in Wentworth, NH.

Unofficial Results, Bear Ridge Speedway, August 6th 2016

500cc Class

1. Tanner Siemons
2. Nadine Coates
3. Tom Chaffee
4. Chris Carbee
5. Owen Carbee
6. Brandon Emerson
7. Willy Pinkham Jr
8. Matt Valley
9. Briana Akusis
10. Adam Cunningham
11. Shawn King
Riley Chaffee
12. Terry Balla
     DID NOT START: Brent Warren, Peter Belliveau, Colby Beinhaur

600cc Class

1. John Scarborough
2. John Mills
3. Sean Beinhaur
4. Drew Eldridge
5. Tony Shaw
6. Dick LaMotte
7. Jillian Badger
DNS: Kyle Belliveau

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