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Racing Report 7/23

Posted 2016-08-01 at 12:20

The action at Bear Ridge on 7/23/16 started out a little wet with some lighting making for a late start. The Bear Ridge crew did a great job getting the track back and able to run just feature races.

The 500's rolled out with 17 cars and a lot of drivers wondering how good will the track be? It did not take long to see that there was a ton of bite in the surface and it was going to make for some great racing. #51 Riley Chaffee and #96 Matt Collins lead the large field to the green. #51 Riley was able to jump on the lead in to turn one and #5 Tanner Siemons was able to move around the out side of #96 Matt to move up to the rear bumper of Riley. While Tanner chased Riley there were about 12 cars battling side by side swapping positions every lap. Tanner was shadowing Riley every inch of the track attempting to get by but was not able to because Riley was using the lap traffic to keep tanner at bay. #60 Kyle Pittman was making his way forward to challenge the top 2 while #96 Matt Collins, #88 Brandon Emerson, #71 Owen Carbee, #12 Colby Beinhaur, #11 Brian Larin, #6 Ken Stridsburg and #02 Briana Akusis were in a tight battle for the top ten spots. The race went green to checkered and on the way to the checkered Tanner made a last ditch effort to get by Riley coming out of turn 4 on the out side. they drag raced to the line with #5 Tanner Siemons pulling out the Win. #51 Riley Chaffee finishes a very strong 2nd, #60 Kyle Pittman 3rd, #02 Briana Akusis 4th, #88 Brandon Emerson 5th, #96 Matt Collins 6th, #72 Sean Beinhaur (test engine), #2 Ed Vickory 7th, #05 Tom Chaffee 8th, #71 Owen Carbee 9th, #12 Colby Beinhaur 10th, #4 Shawn King 11th, #6 Ken Stridsburg 12th, #54 Willy Pinkham 13th, #17 Matt Calley 14th, #11 Brian Larin 15th, #13 Terry Balla 16th and the #18 Adam Cunningham was not able to start because of brake problems.

The 600 feature almost went green to checkered with a major battle for 3rd and 4th place that lasted half the race but ending in a bad crash.

Images courtesy of Alan Ward

#98 Jillian Badger was on the pole and #61 John Scarborough was out side pole with some hungry drivers waiting for the green to fly. The pack came out of turn 4 looking at the green and #98 Jillian got a jump to the line but by turn 1 #61 John grab the lead and never looked back. #83 John Mills drove by #98 Jillian to grab 2nd and try to give John a challenge for the top spot. #98 Jillian fell back into the clutches of #8 Ben Bachand and #21 Richard Crooker who were coming up hard on Jillian for a top 3 finish. #8 Ben and #21 Richard jumped by Jillian and started the battle of the night by spending the next 10 laps trading spots at least 3 times a lap. Ben was leading Richard into turn 3 on the low side and Richard tried to slip out side of Ben in turn 4 and touched his right rear with his left front and sent Richard on a wild ride straight into the cement wall coming out of 4. Richard climbed out of his crumpled #21 RTS Chassis with no injuries and waving to the crowd letting them know he was all right. #61 John brought the pack to the green for the restart and just continued to dominate the race by running away for the win leaving #83 John Mills, #8 Ben Bachand, #20 Tony Shaw and #98 Jillian Badger to figure out were they would finish. The checkered waved with #61 John Scarborough 1st, #83 John Mills 2nd, #20 Tony Shaw 3rd, #8 Ben Bachand 4th, #98 Jillian Badger 5th.

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