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Len West Memorial Race at Legion 7/8

Posted 2016-07-15 at 09:14

The Len West Memorial Race at Legion Speedway last Friday was as exciting as the fire works and maybe even more.

The club wants to give a Special Thank You to the West / Hardy Family for taking the time to come out to the track, saying Hi to some old faces, saying a few words about your dad and being apart of the victory lane ceremonies. THANK YOU

It did not take long to see that there was going to be some great action tonight when we had 23 500's sign up and 8 600's.

The 1st 500 heat had a dozen hungry drivers knowing that were only redrawing the top 4 out of each heat. #4 Shawn King draw the pole with #72 Nadine Coates on the out side pole and #60 Kyle Pitman and #41 Trevor Greene and 8 others behind them looking to take the top spot. The green dropped and #4 Shawn King jumped in to the lead going into turn 1 followed by #72 Nadine, #60 Kyle, #41 Trevor. While the front 4 traded places, the real battle was between #12 Colby Beinhaur, #92 Robert Griffin, #17 Matt Calley, #6 Ken Stridsburg and #88 Brandon Emerson to see who was going to get out of the pack and challenge the front four. These four went back and fourth in positions for laps then #92 Robert Griffin broke away and ran down the lead pack. #60 Kyle Pittman had the lead when #92 Robert came through the lead pack to wrestle the top spot from Kyle and go on to take the win. While he was doing that #02 Briana Akusis, #96 Matt Collins and #11 Lakin were in their own little battle for positions and they put on a great show by themselves. The final order was #92 Robert Griffin 1st, #60 Kyle Pittman 2nd, #4 Shawn King 3rd, #88 Brandon Emerson 4th, #12 Colby Beihaur 5th, #41 Trevor Greene 6th, #17 Matt Calley 7th, #02 Briana Akusis 8th, #6 Ken Stridsburg 9th, #96 Matt Collins 10th and #11 Brian Lakin in 11th with problems.

The 2nd Heat was another full house of cars with #39 Willard Ordway and #71 Owen Carbee leading the pack out of turn 4 for the green. #39 Willard dragged #71 Owen to turn 1 to grab a slight lead but once they came of turn 2 #71 Owen pulled by #39 Willard opening the door for #2 Ed Vickery, #18 Adam Cunningham, #5 Tanner Siemons and #05 Kyle Belliveau to invade the lead pack. There were a lot of positions swapped many times, but in the end #71 Owen Carbee stayed smooth and took the win. Behind them were #54 Willie Pinkham, #76 Peter Belliveau, #7 Brent Warren and #13 Terry Balla in a tough battle trying to be close enough to the front 5 to capitalize on any miss takes from them. When the checkered waved #71 Owen Carbee took the bacon followed by #05 Kyle Belliveau in 2nd, #5 Tanner Siemons 3rd, #2 Ed Vickery 4th, #39 Willard Ordway 5th, #7 Brent Warren 6th, #76 Peter Belliveau 7th, #54 Willie Pinkham 8th, #51 Riley Chafee 9th, #18 Adam Cunningham 10th and #13 Terry Balla 11th.

The 600's may not have as many cars as 500's but they don't hold back on giving a very fast and exciting race from very talented drivers. #61 John Scarborough and #15 Kyle Belliveau make up a very fast front row followed by some other hot shoes like #21 Richard Crooker, #8 Ben Bachand, #20 Tony Shaw and #98 Jillian Badger. The 600's lost 2 cars in practice #83 John Mills lost an Engine and #92 Robert Griffin also with engine problems. All that did is give more room for the rest to carry more speed. We hope they will be back at the next race. The heat did get a green and every body was wondering who was going to grab the lead In turn 1 and it did not take long until #61 John grabbed it and never looked back. #15 Kyle, #21 Richard and #8 Ben were trying real hard to catch #61 John but still had to hold of the other cars. #20 Tony Shaw and #98 Jillian Badger were running real smooth behind the lead pack but could not take advantage of any opportunities. The top spot went to #61 John Scarborough, #15 Kyle Belliveau in 2nd, #21 Richard Crooker 3rd, #8 Ben Bachard 4th, #20 Tony Shaw 5th and #98 Jillian Badger 6th.

Images courtesy of Dave Suitor Photography

The 500 feature rolled out 22 cars and what a sight to see, It made for some fantastic racing all over the place. #4 Shawn King and #5 Tanner Siemons made up the front row of this large feature event and of course with this many cars the 1st couple of laps were hard till every body settled down and that did jumble up a lot of the positions. When they were able to run under green two young guns #5 Tanner Siemons and #05 Kyle Belliveau put on a show by swapping the lead 2 or 3 times a lap with #4 Shawn, #60 Kyle and #7 Brent hoping to catch one of them making a mistake to capitalize on it. #5 Tanner Siemons was able to sneak by #05 Kyle Belliveau coming out of turn 4 to grab the victory. There was so much action that it was hard to see it all but I don't think any fan was disappointed. After a hard fought 20 laps #5 Tanner Siemons won the 2nd Annual Len West Memorial Race followed very closely in 2nd #05 Kyle Belliveau, #92 Robert Griffin 3rd, #7 Brent Warren 4th, #60 Kyle Pittman 5th, #4 Shawn King 6th, #88 Brandon Emerson 7th, #17 Matt Calley 8th, #51 Riley Chafee 9th, #2 Ed Vickery 10th, #02 Briana Akusis 11th, #96 Matt Collins 12th, #18 Adam Cunningham 13th, #39 Willard Ordway 14th, #54 Willie Pinkham 15th, #12 Colby Beinhuar 16th, #6 Ken Stridsburg 17th, #11 Brian Lakin 18th, #41 Trevor Greene 19th, #13 Terry Balla 20th, #71 Owen Carbee 21st, #76 Peter Belliveau DNS.

The 600 feature had #20 Tony Shaw on pole and #15 Kyle Belliveau out side of him. Then there are some heavy hitters behind them that would love to grab a win. #20 Tony bring them down for the green and him and #15 Kyle dove down to turn 1 and kyle was able to come out on top. #15 Kyle pulled away while #20 Tony was left to battle with #98 Jillian Badger, #8 Ben Bachard, #21 Richard Crooker and #61 John Scarborough. #61 John and #21 Richard came through the crowd to move in to 2nd and 3rd and sliding #8 Ben, #20 Tony and #98 Jillian to the back. #61 John and #21 Richard were battling to see who could catch #15 Kyle but while trying to get 2nd place from #61 John, #21 Richard spun in turn 1 and 2 to cause a yellow and close the field up. On the restart #15 Kyle got a great jump on the start and was able to hold off the challenges of #61 John in the closing laps. When the 600's crossed the line for the checkered flag, #15 Kyle Belliveau wins the 2nd Annual Len West Memorial Race followed by #61 John Scarborough 2nd, #8 Ben Bachard 3rd, #21 Richard Crooker 4th, #20 Tony Shaw 5th and #98 Jillian Badger 6th.

The Club was Rained out at Bear Ridge Speedway the following night 7/9/16.

The club will be holding the Len West Memorial Race at Bear Ridge Speedway on 8/13/16. We hope every body can make it and if it is as good as last weekend then the fans are in for an other great night of racing action..

The board will be holding a meeting on 7/24/16 at Lake Opechee Inn & Spa in Laconia at 11:00am

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