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Another Fantastic Night at Legion Speedway

Posted 2016-06-16 at 09:14

Granite State rolled in to Legion Speedway on Friday night 6/10/16. The 500 division stacked the house again rolling in with 20 cars and the 600's had a tuff night in car count but made up for it in action on the track.

The 500's sent out the 1st heat of 10 with #39 Willard Ordway and #24 Joe Kemp as the front row to start the action. When the green flag waved it was like hitting a Bee's nest with a stick, all the cars started to shift around on the track, making a ton of passes. When the checkered flag fell the order was #24 Joe Kemp for the win, #92, #4, #71, #60, #39, #02, #18, #41, #21

Images courtesy of Dave Suitor Photography

The 2nd 500 Heat saw #6 Ken Stridsburg and Tanner Siemons lead the pack to the green flag. This heat saw as much passing as the 1st heat and a lot of nose to tail racing. All of the new drivers this year have done a great job driving and giving some of the old vets a challenge. At the checkered #5 Tanner Siemons took the win folded by the #05, #57, #88, #6, #96, #7, #13, #17.

Now it was time to run all 20 cars in the feature. Unfutuantly #4 Shawn King would not be able to answer the bell for the feature. The front row was the #05 Kyle Belliveau on the pole and #24 Joe Kemp out side pole with a lot of hungry drivers behind them. when the green waved there was not an inch on the track that did not have a battle going on. Kyle jumped out to the early lead with Joe, Robert, Riley, Tanner and Shawn swaping spots every lap and waiting for Kyle to make a mistake. There was so much going on you had to be there to see it all. The 500's finished with #24 Joe Kemp taking the top spot for the 1st time this year, The rest of the field followed with #71 Owen Carbee with another top three, #5 Tanner Siemons also another top three, #60 Kyle Pitman, #88 Brandon Emerson, #51 Riley Chafee, #39 Willard Ordway, #96 Matt Collins, #6 Ken Stridsburg, #17 Matt Calley, #02 Briana Akusis, #18 Adam Cunningham, #05 Kyle Belliveau DNF, #41Trevor Greene DNF, #92 Robert Griffin DNF, #7 Brent Warren DNF, #13 Terry Balla DNF.

The 600's rolled out for their heat with #61 John Scarborough and #15 Kyle Belliveau on the front row. The green came out and Kyle jumped into the lead with John, #20 Tony Shaw and #83 John Mills breathing down his neck. They were turning quick laps, making a 8 lap heat very short. The end results saw #15 Kyle Belliveau take home another heat win, #61 John Scarborough second, #83 John Mills third, and #20 Tony Shaw fourth.

The 600 Feature action picked right up were they left off in the heat. #20 Tony Shaw had the pole with #15 Kyle Belliveau out side of him. When the green waved Tony and Kyle raced to the 1st turn with Kyle grabbing the lead. John Mills was nipping at Tony's heels with John S. waiting for an opening to get by both of them. John S. went high around John M. and started to chased Tony down. John S. caught Tony and also Dragged John M. by tony to move John M. in to third. Kyle had a good lead on them and both Johns tried to catch him but the laps ran out. The Finish results ended with #15 Kyle Belliveau with his 2nd feature win followed by #61 John Scarborough in 2nd, #83 John Mills in 3rd, and #20 Tony Shaw finished 4th.

The next Race on the schedule is June 25th at Bear Ridge Speedway. We hope everybody comes out to support the club and check out all the great action.

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