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Racing 5/20 at Legion Speedway

Posted 2016-06-09 at 20:45

Race #2 of the season was held at Legion Speedway on 5/20/16. The car counts keep climbing and New names are showing up in victory lane. Tanner Seimons and Kyle Belliveau score their 1st wins of the season.

The 500's started 16 cars in their feature, which made for a lot of different battles around the track. The main battle was between the #5 Tanner Seimons, #24 Joe Kemp and #7 Brent Warren. Tanner lead most of the race by navigating his way through a lot of lap traffic while Joe & Brent were right there to grab the lead if tanner made one mistake. Tanner made some great moves to be able to hold on for his 1st feature win. while Joe and Brent battled to the line, Joe edged out Brent for the 2nd spot. Congratulations Tanners Siemons on your 1st Feature win.

The 600 feature had about as much thrills between the top 3 cars as the 500's did. #61 John Scarborough jumped on the early lead with #15 Kyle Belliveau and #21 Richard Crooker hot on his heels for several laps. John, Kyle and Rich were clicking off some fast laps with Kyle and Rich waiting to strike on any little slip up John may make. While trying to chace down Kyle, Rich Crooker blow a radiator hose bring out a late yellow flag with 5 laps to go. The restart had John out front of a single file start with Kyle and now John Mills, Tony Shaw, Robert griffin and Sean Beinhaur right behind him waiting for the green flag. When the green flag waived John jumped right back in to the top spot going into turn 1 and 2 but when John went into turn 3, John slid a little to high opening the door for Kyle to find a great bite on the bottom of the track and launched him self past John with 4 laps left. Kyle Belliveau held on to grab his 1st victory of the season followed by John Scarborough in 2nd, John Mills with a strong finish in 3rd.

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