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William Pinkham SR Dominates 500cc's, Tony Shaw Tops in 600cc

Posted 2018-06-05 at 23:30

After a Bear Ridge Speedway rainout the previous week race number two for the Advance Auto Parts Granite State Mini Sprints took place at the Legion Speedway Friday night, June 1st.

The 500cc Feature was up first and found the #5 of William Pinkham JR and the #42 of Ryan Farewell comprise the front row. When the green flag flew Pinkham JR missed a shift and somehow the field missed him, running four wide on the front stretch. When things settled down and the field exited turn two the #54 William Pinkham SR had the lead after starting fifth. The #17 of Matt Calley settled into second with the #51 of Riley Chaffee third. The running order up front remained the same until the races’ first caution flew for Farewell, who coasted to a stop in turn one. When the green reappeared Matt Calley got a bad start and this allowed Riley Chaffee to move to second with the #45 of Eric Relation third. Meanwhile opening night winner Tom Chaffee in the #1 was on a mission from his eleventh starting spot and moved to fourth with nine laps complete. By the time the next caution flew with thirteen laps complete for the #08 of Logan Osmer, who lost a rear wheel, Tom Chaffee had moved into third. On the restart Pinkham SR once again pulled away from the field and would go on to take the win. Riley Chaffee finished second with opening night winner, father of Riley, Tom Chaffee third. Eric Relation was fourth with the #24 of Joe Kemp completing the top five.

The 600cc feature found Zach Herbert in the #14 claim the lead from the outside pole position when the green flag flew, fending off the challenges of the #20 of Tony Shaw with opening night winner Tyler Jones in the #17 riding third. The only caution of the event flew one lap short of the halfway point for the #29 of rookie Mark Wiggett. When racing resumed Herbert led another lap before falling to second with Shaw taking the lead as the mechanical gremlins that have plagued Herbert so far this year returned and he coasted to a stop in the infield before another lap was complete. This moved Tyler Jones to second and rookie Brady Lamotte in the #18 to third. The running order remained the same until the checkers flew with former champion Tony Shaw taking the win, Tyler Jones was second and rookie Brady Lamotte third. When Lamotte exited his mount in victory lane his leg was covered in oil as his car sprung a leak with three laps to go. Mark Wiggett was fourth and the #19 of Willie Ostertag rounded out the top five.

The next event on the calendar for the Advance Auto Parts Granite State Mini Sprints is Saturday, June 9th at The Bear Ridge Speedway in Bradford, VT. For more information please log onto

Images courtesy of Alan Ward

Unofficial Results, Legion Speedway, June 1st 2018

500cc Class

  1.  William Pinkham SR
  2.  Riley Chaffee
  3.  Tom Chaffee
  4.  Eric Relation
  5.  Joe Kemp
  6.  William Pinkham JR
  7.  Matt Calley
  8.  Matt Collins
  9.  Cody Willette
  10. Carson Williams
  11. Ryan Farewell
  12. Terry Balla
  13. Logan Osmer
  14. Rich Gilpatrick
  15. Dustin Lamotte-DNS
  16. Vern Woodard-DNS

600cc Class

  1.  Tony Shaw
  2.  Tyler Jones
  3.  Brady Lamotte
  4.  Mark Wiggett
  5.  Willy Ostertag
  6.  Jillian Badger
  7.  Zach Herbert


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