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Granite State Mini Sprint Board Meeting 3/18/18

Posted 2018-03-28 at 18:37

Mike called the meeting to order @ 10:17am

Lisa read the treasurers report. Raceceivers are in as well as new club radios. Raceceivers will be available for purchase from Lisa at the track for $95.00 each. Troy motioned to accept the report, Dick 2nd, and the motion was accepted.

Lisa gave secretaries report reading minutes from last meeting. Troy motioned to accept the report, Dick 2nd and the motion was accepted.

Old Business:
Car shows:
Rutland mall show, Mike will have his 2 cars there; Dick will be there with his car and his sons go-kart. If anyone has interest in attending or showing their car please gets in touch with Mike. There is a $25 per car donation, and proceeds go to The March of Dimes.

Advanced sponsorship: A banner has been ordered for car shows. Dick is going to look into the possibility of having a drawing for booth visitors at car shows sponsored by advanced.

Membership packets:
Annie will get rule books printed ASAP and delivered to Lisa for packing and mailing. Hope to have in the mail by 3/29

What is included in the packet?
☆Patches (new Members ONLY)
☆Rule book
☆Member cards
☆Advanced stickers (please see Lisa for these on practice day)
☆Welcome letter with contact info of board members.
☆Driver profile to be filled out for website

Practice day:
Practice day is set for April 22nd. However snow has been relentless this winter and has wreaked havoc with the track. Dean can’t get the track graded and dried with the all the snow that is on the track. Looking likely that practice day will be pushed to the rain date of April 29th. Mike is keeping in touch with Dean for updates on track conditions. In the event that practice day is moved to the rain date it will be posted on both the club Facebook page and the main website.

Troy suggested that the club sponsor a few cook outs this season after the race. After some discussion Troy motioned to have a club sponsored BBQ after racing. One on June 15th @ Legion and one on September 15th @ Bear Ridge, along with a pot luck BBQ @ Bear Ridge both double header weekends before the race. Dick 2nd the motion and the motion was accepted.

Tech sheets: Eric prepared a basic check list to know what drivers have along with basic safety checks. Dick made motion to accept the tech sheet presented, Troy 2nd, the motion was accepted.

Lisa is working with Dennis to update the website. Update pictures, clear out driver points from last year, post 2018 rulebook. To prevent confusion it was discussed that only one person should be sending information to him. Lisa sends minutes, points updates, and requests for changes. Allen Ward sends race write-ups to him.

Mike stated that in speaking to Dean and Butch that there will be NO 4 wheelers/push vehicles permitted on the track this season unless they are called out on to the track. Once cars are started push vehicles MUST return to the pits and not sit in the infield.

Also there is to be NO working on a race car on the track surface. Car must leave track surface to complete any type of repair, including pulling debris from car, car may return to track under same caution.

Dick motioned to adjourn the meeting Eric 2nd, and the meeting was adjourned @12:15pm

Next meeting is April 15th @ 10am at Tip Top Tire in VT.


Outback Steakhouse


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