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Granite State Mini Sprint Board Meeting 12/17/17

Posted 2018-01-12 at 21:21

Mike called the meeting to order @10:04am

Treasurers report was given by Annie: There has not been much activity as far as new member applications. Balance as of 12/15 was $5,224.94. Waiting to hear from Alan Ward about Champion collages. Troy motioned to accept, Kyle seconded and the report was accepted.

Lisa read the secretaries report. Troy motioned to accept and Adam seconded. The report was accepted.


Troy has been unable to get together with Robb for engine language suggestions. Robb has been super busy. Troy was going to reach out to him again and try to meet up before the next meeting.

Track radios: Mike was contacted by Mr. Hinckley (He is a past member) He stated he knows a gentleman that the club can get radios from local (Merrimack, NH) and possibly cost the club less. Mike is going to get in touch with them. Also Dean is getting the tracks frequencies for radio programming.

11 Yr old: Mike reached out to the family and let them know that the 11 year old would not be able to participate with the club until he turns 12 as stated in the rulebook. Dean has extended an invitation to him to test his car AFTER Granite States practice day and any of the open practice days that Legion is open.

CAR SHOWS: Troy contacted Bob Seymour about the Marlboro racers expo show. Mr. Seymour is unsure that the show is happening, and thinks it may have moved. Race-a-rama: Annie emailed them for more information and is waiting for a reply. Rutland mall show is around Easter time.


Tom Chaffee had contacted Mike about using M5 for a car number for the season. However the #5 has already been assigned for the 2018 season.

Racing for recovery. Mark Neilson contacted Mike about ice racing at NHMX flat track February 24th. He asked if there may be any interest within the club. If you are interested in the event please reach out to Lisa.

Track in Unity Maine is going DIRT! The track reached out to Mike inquiring about the club coming and doing an exhibition race to show them a proper dirt race. Mike has emailed asking for more information.

508 Speedway... Troy is going to check out and see if it is an acceptable track. It is located south of Worcester, MA. It is a ¼ mile oval track.

Dick has secured sponsorship through Advanced Auto/Car Quest. It is $2500 a year for 3 years. They will promote the club in stores, provide stickers and banners along with member discount cards. We have been asked to do a few cars shows in different locations. Information about them will be coming in the future.

A new Code of conduct has been added to the rule book.
"A participant is any person taking part in any event endorsed by the Granite State Mini Sprint Race Club. This includes but is not limited to drivers, car owners, mechanics, pit crew members, sponsors and spouses. All such persons shall be considered to be representatives of the GSMSRC. They shall abide by the rules and regulations established and published or announced by this club. ALL PARTICIPANTS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THEIR OWN CONDUCT.
The driver is the sole spokesperson for the race team and is responsible for their actions. Any driver or crew member fighting will result in disqualification for that team and all points for that evening will be forfeited. Striking a GSMSRC or track official will result in disqualification for the evening, loss of membership, forfeiture of all points for that evening, and up to one year suspension.
Verbal abuse or inappropriate behavior towards any GSMSRC official, track, track official, fellow competitor, crew member, or spectator will not be tolerated. No warning will be given. If violated the team may be disqualified with all points for that night forfeited. Other penalties up to an indefinite-length suspension may be applied depending on specific situation. This includes in-person, video, and social media (such as Facebook and Twitter).
No alcoholic beverages will be consumed by drivers or their pit crew at any time prior to or during any events. Use, sale or distribution of illegal drugs at any time shall be cause for immediate suspension. Participation by team member in either activity will result in disqualification with all points forfeited.
Any driver or team on probation or suspension at any other track or series is not eligible to run with GSMSRC until the time period has lapsed. "

Troy motioned to accept the updated code of conduct as written. Dick seconded and the motion was accepted.

Troy then motioned to have all members sign a copy of the code of conduct before participating in competition with GSMSRC. Dick seconded and the motion was accepted.

Annie has given tax/financial paperwork to her accountant. Waiting to hear back and is unsure of cost as of yet.

Next board meeting will be Sunday January 14th @10am at the race museum in Concord NH. Dick motioned to adjourn the meeting, Adam seconded and the meeting was adjourned.


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