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Board Meeting Agenda

Posted 2016-11-25 at 06:21

December 4, 2016 9:30am @ Ricks house… BRING A CHAIR!

Ed will be smoking some meat for an after-meeting treat. Meeting is open to all members. Remember to bring a chair

Board Meeting

Call meeting to order
Treasures report
Secretary's report…. Inventory bucket and put inside.

Open issues
a) Wingless races. How many for season, on double header weekends to lessen car adjustments.

New business
a) What are the board members duties… members at large are the first point of contact for racers.
b) Keep up with rulebook changes, not just a sheet of paper in the back of the rulebook.
c) Pot luck of some kind in June…. Before July 4th weekend (no racing that weekend)
d) Trophies at banquet….cost… should we cut back. Top 10
e) Open up additional years of the 250 motor? Yamaha up to 2012, Suzuki up to 2009, Honda up to 2009
f) Honda trx400 legal motor?
g) 600 guys: What can we do to increase car counts in the 600 division?

I. Adjournment


Scarborough and Siemons Crowned Champions at Annual Banquet

Posted 2016-11-22 at 21:21

The Granite State Mini Sprint Racing Club celebrated their season with the Annual Banquet which was held Saturday, November 12th at the Fireside Inn in West Lebanon, NH. Dick Therrian was Master of Ceremonies for the Gala event with Nadine Coates handing out the Hardware.

The evening commenced with the Rookie of the Year awards which were presented to Owen Carbee in the 500cc Class and John Mills in the 600cc Division. Following these awards it was time for a delicious buffet style meal. Immediately following dinner Keynote Speaker Karl Fredrickson, Publisher of America's favorite Motorsports Monthly Magazine, Speedway Illustrated addressed the capacity crowd.

Images courtesy of Alan Ward - Big Al's Photography

Following Fredrickson's rousing speech it was onto the rest of the Awards with the 500cc Division being up first with the top 20 points people receiving awards. Fifteen Year old Tanner Siemons was crowned the 2016 500cc Granite State Mini Sprint Champion. Siemons amassed a total of 817 points along with 6 victories along the way. 600cc Awards followed with the top 10 in points honored. John Scarborough was crowed the Champion with 838 pints and garnered 6 wins throughout the season. For the veteran Scarborough, it was his 5th career Championship, but first in a Mini Sprint. John was not able to attend so his wife Robyn accepted his awards.

Special Track Appreciation Awards were handed out the C.V. Elms and April May Preston from Bear Ridge Speedway and to Dean and Jane Hanson from Legion Speedway. Following these the 2016 Champions were presented with Championship Jackets and Posters as well as addressing the crowd. The specialty awards concluded the awards with Kyle Pittman receiving the Sportsmanship award and Mike Pittman the prestigious Lenny West Award.

MC Therrian closed out the event by thanking the Granite State Mini Sprints sponsor, O'Reilly Auto Parts along with Bear Ridge Speedway and Legion Speedway for giving the club a place to run.

For more information on the Granite State Mini Sprint Club and information pertaining to the upcoming 2017 season log onto the club's website,



Posted 2016-11-15 at 13:21

We would like to congratulate the new 2017 GSMSRC Board:

- President ~ Rick Balla
- VP ~ Ed Vickery
- Secretary ~ Lisa Pinkham
- Treasurer ~ Annie Boissoneau
- Head of Tech ~ Peter Belliveau

Members at Large:

- Dean Hanson
- Kyle Belliveau
- Dick Lamotte
- Adam Cunningham
- Mike Pittman

Stay tuned in we will be posting the minutes from today's meeting in the next couple days.


November 13 2016 General Meeting Minutes

Posted 2016-11-16 at 09:24

Meeting began promptly at 11:05am

Nadine gave the secretaries report, there were no items to revisit for the season. She then gave the treasurers report. We moved right into the elections for new board members.

The Results:
  • President: Rick Balla
  • Vice president: Ed Vickery
  • Secretary: Lisa Pinkham
  • Treasurer: Annie Boissoneau
  • Head of Tec.: Peter Belliveau

    Members at Large:
  • Dean Hanson
  • Kyle Belliveau
  • Dick LaMotte
  • Adam Cunningham
  • Mike Pittman
  • The newly elected board members took to the front of the room, and at 11:30 a quick 15-minute break was taken, everyone was asked to fill out a short survey that Ed Vickery had prepared. The survey asked for attendees input on number of races, how should line ups be handled, dropped races, how many dropped races, should zero be part of the drop. Finally the survey asked attendees what their concerns were.

    At 11:45 the break ended.

    Kyle Belliveau started a motion for no changes mid-season. Rick seconded the motion and majority was in favor.

    Ed brought a motion to the table per the survey for how lines ups would be handled this season. High points start at the rear, followed by the previous week's winner, and then the rookies rounding up the rear. (Who seconded the motion was not noted) This also passed with the majority vote.

    Dropped races was also discussed. Dean started a motion to have two dropped races for the season, Ed seconded the motion. Motion was passed with majority vote.

    Following the dropped race vote Ed motioned to have zero included in the dropped races. Peter seconded the motion and it was passed with majority vote.

    The board asked the attendees how they felt about the wingless nights. Should they be done on a double header weekend, or should they be different weekends. With there being too few drivers in attendance it was decided that this question would be revisited at a later meeting.

    Double header weekends were also discussed. It was decided that they would be at the boards' discretion with a goal of a minimum of 2 for the 2017 season. This is dependent on track scheduling for the season, which is currently in the works.

    Many other items were discussed such as updating the pamphlets at the front gates of the tracks weekly or bi-weekly. Having point standings listed and not just the drivers with their car numbers.

    Keeping the web site current at all times. Posting all meeting agendas that way members can get in touch with board members to voice their questions and concerns.


    GSMSRC is recommending the use of neck restraints. Rick Balla is able to get discounts on various neck restraint systems. If interested please Contact Rick at 603.398.2027.


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