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Granite State Mini Sprint Board Meeting 1/14/18

Posted 2018-01-29 at 08:20

Mike called the meeting to order at 10:14am

Lisa read the secretaries report. Dick motioned to accept the report, Adam 2nd and the report was accepted.

Troy read the treasurer's report as of 1/8/2018 the balance is $5,819.94. Adam motioned to accept the report, Dick 2nd and the report was accepted.

Old Business:

Radios: Mike made contact with the gentleman in Merrimack about radios. He charges $170 per radio with headset. Racing electronics was approximately $450 for one radio with headset. Dick made a motion to purchase 3 radios with headsets, Troy 2nd the motion and the motion was accepted.

Car Shows: The Bob Seymour car show is not happening. Dean is still working on the Rutland mall show. Troy is still waiting for information on the Springfield show. Troy is also going to look into the World of Wheels show for the 2019 season.

Racing for Recovery: Lisa contacted the promoter about the race. As of when she spoke to him he only had the Jaffery Ice racing association booked for the race. They run modified, super modified, and 4/6 cylinder cars. With this information there is no way that the mini sprints will survive the ruts that the big cars will create in the ice.

Sponsorship: Troy received a call from Ernie Griffith about the O'Reillys sponsorship. They will be pulling their sponsorship. Between their budget and the fact that both tracks that we race at are sponsored by them GSMSRC doesn't really bring them much more business.

Advanced Auto has committed to a three year sponsorship of $2,500 a year. They will promote the club within their store, provide us with stickers, and discount/member cards. Mike and Dick are still ironing out details with Advanced. More specifics to come!

600 Victory lane: Mike spoke with Dean about the way victory lane has been presented at previous meetings. Dean stated that he would like to see at his track that the top 3 are the top 3 to the podium. If 1st place lite car is behind the 600's then it would be top 4 cars to the podium. As for trophies for the lite cars, the club will be providing these. There a bunch of them at Legion from last season, just have to order new labels to reflect the class name change.

Engine Specs: Troy was able to connect with Robb and presented the board members with a print out of Robbs suggested engine rule language. This item was tabled to allow board members to read, digest, and discuss before presenting to the general membership. There were also a few questions that were in need of Robbs knowledge.


Zach Herbert purchased Will Ordway's 250 car. His son wants to race a few races with us. Zach asked if we could give him a waver and allow his son to run 6 or 7 races with the 250 engine. Dick motioned to allow Zach's son to use the 250 motor for 6 or 7 races this season, Troy 2nd and the motion was accepted.

Snell Rating for helmets: What should it be? The rulebook states 2010 or newer. Troy stated that the club tries to stay within a 5 year swing. The rating will stay as stated in the rulebook 2010 or newer. Lisa was asked to put this in BOLD PRINT and add it to the list of changes in the appendix.

Tech Sheets: This item was skipped over as Eric was not in attendance for this meeting. The board will address this at the next meeting.

Drew asked for clarification of the US6A rules. Do we follow all rules as far as chassis and weights or just the engine rules, as there have been some changes made to both of these areas? Troy and Mike both answered that the club follows the engine rules and use our own weight and chassis rules.

508 Track and Unity track. Troy has not been able to make it out to check out the 508 track as of yet. He has also not gotten a response from the email that was sent to the Unity track.

General Membership questions/concerns:
☆Ed brought up the question of leaving weights at the 2017 season specs. He stated that some drivers are going to possibly have to add upwards of 100lbs to their cars to make weight. He also stated that in speaking to RTS that there is a question of structural integrity of the chassis when adding that much weight to bars, and that there are only so many places to attach weight. Troy stated that where the weights were last year, and the 400's coming in the competition was neck and neck. We had a pretty equal race between the 500 and the 400 motor. Everyone (different size motors) was able to hit victory lane. Feels that it is too much of a weight change for the amount of information we currently have. Dick made a motion to keep weights at the 2017 season weights. For the 400's STOCK IS STOCK!!! Carb and exhaust pipe ONLY can be changed. Weights MUST be painted WHITE and have car # clearly identified, and SECURLY MOUNTED. (I missed who 2nd the motion) the motion was accepted.

Next Board meeting will be on February 11th at 10am. We will be meeting at Tip Top Tire

Dick made motion to adjourn Adam 2nd and the motion was accepted

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GSMSRC is recommending the use of neck restraints. Rick Balla is able to get discounts on various neck restraint systems. If interested please Contact Rick at 603.398.2027.


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